Improve Speaking Skills With AI.


Delivering a product is essential, but really means nothing without acquiring customers, partners, or investors.
Improve your speaking skills to sell products, build your brand, and even impress investors well enough to get funding.

Streamers and Podcasters

Well-performed speeches have involved other people since times forgotten.
While creating and sharing marvelous content, never allow unpolished speaking skills prevent it from reaching your audience.


It's no secret that public speaking skills are of the utmost importance for your personal and professional growth.
Start improving your skills in the most effective way possible and level up your performance.

Master different speaking styles.

The best way to start the journey towards improving your speaking skills, is to listen to the best speakers and practice their approach to speaking.
But there is no single, universal speaking style. All of us are different. With that in mind, we offer multiple speaking styles - different but proven by their quality.

Start with any you want, and expand your speaking repertoire with different styles afterwards.

Practice your speeches seamlessly.

Practice with Phonal AI under 'mild stress.' Train and rehearse on your own until your speech becomes truly mastered. 
Master your pace, tone of voice, pronunciation, pauses until you have them down by heart.
Keep your mind free and clear to think about the things that really matter! 

Get the data-driven insights.

It's hard to undervalue the importance of good feedback when practicing speaking skills. 

If you don't know what exactly went wrong during rehearsal, you can't change it.

So our AI gives you both data and suggestions in real-time, while you keep on practicing your speeches.

Make the whole self-improvement process easier than ever before!

How does it work?
How do we assess the speech?
Filler Words

Uh. Umm. Like, you know... Filler words are (er, um) basically unnecessary in your speech.
Did you know that 20 science lecturers used an average of 1.39 uh's a minute, compared with um 4.85 uh's a minute by 13 humanities teachers? 


You can overwhelm the audience with the volume of your speech. But should you do so?
On the other hand, if people aren't able to hear you, they can’t get the information you share with them.
So be sure you have adjusted the volume of your speech before you go public.


Do you pronounce syllables and their combinations well enough? Any perfect idea can lose the audience's attention in moments if performed with indistinct pronunciation. 

The good news is that pronunciation can be trained. Well, almost always.


Pauses are golden. A well-placed intentional silence can make a total difference for your speech's perception.
Except for cases when there are too many of them.


Make accents in your speech to let people know what parts of it matter the most.
Too many pitches, at the same time, will decrease the effect by doing your speech performed too similarly.


Stop speaking in a falsetto. Get a credible, deep voice as any experienced politician or lawyer has.

We'll tell you how.


How fast do you speak? An overly fast pace is as bad as too slow.
Keep the middle ground. (for sure: we'll tell you what it is)


Are you asking? Or are you stating something? Your audience will never know until you properly use prosody.
And be sure the difference between is well-distinguished.


Colouring of sound. It conveys certain shades of attitudinal or emotional meaning.

Hard to develop, but too important for speech performance to leave it behind.

Impress people!
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