Get rid of pitfalls in verbal conversations!


Get instant captions for you conversations

Did you mis-hear or lose some sentences? No problem! You can always check the captions to stay on track.

Save Transcripts

Save and analyze the transcript of your conversation after it's finished, find out what worked the best or the worst, and improve iteratively.

Get AI-driven Recommendations about your speaking

Most people can't control what they say, and how they act at the same time. That's completely natural.


So we do the "controlling" part of the job for you and let you know whether you're speaking too quietly or loudly, hurrying, or using filler words.

Works for any tab in Chrome

No matter what kind of web-conferencing tool you are using. Phonal Assistant works everywhere inside Chrome.

Also Works for online video

Do you need subtitles even when there are none available? We've got you covered. Use Phonal Assistant to generate captions for any video played in Chrome.

> 70% Accuracy of speech recognition

Well, there is no 100% perfect speech recognition tech still. We did our best to deliver the best quality ever available to you.

Easy to setup

Just install and turn ON to start captioning and getting recommendations.

Easy to control

Nobody loves the absence of control for speech recognition engines. So it's turned OFF by default and you’re the only person to decide when to turn it ON. Closing the tab also turns Phonal Assistant OFF.


We don't store any part of your conversation. It's processed through us and disappears automatically.

Start getting rid of pitfalls in verbal conversations!

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