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According to the Center for Creative Leadership, only 10% of our professional knowledge is gained through formal training, 20% comes from interpersonal professional relationships, and as much as 70% is achieved from informal daily experience.


This approach is widely supported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in contrast to the formerly believed 80% effectiveness of educational training.


It’s no wonder supplemented VR is steadily substituting conventional training programs by offering the closest thing to real experience one can imagine. While VR is good as it is, the additional voice recognition tools can increase the usability and speed of performance, and thus the learning process itself.

Although its implementation is vitally important for industries such as healthcare, aviation, military forces and police, where inadequate training programs can, in fact, cost lives, the application of VR tools can significantly improve business KPI of any industry it touches.



Our Cases

Team Management Training

In the office environment, combining the VR with voice recognition can establish a helpful practice of assessing the leadership and other interpersonal qualities of employees for better positioning them within a team.

Virtual Beings and Assistants

Change direction from pure VR development to the AI initiatives promoting the creation of virtual beings able to interact with people. 

Testing for

HR purposes

VR with voice recognition automizes the initial stage of the HR manager’s job by sieving the unfit applicants and defining the best candidates based on their virtual interview and skills testing.



The enabled voice recognition functionality in VR drives the sales ability to the edge of perfection, preparing them for all sorts of customers with any imaginable query.

Public Speaking


In terms of public speaking, VR simulation is a valuable tool allowing users to battle their phobias and perfect presentation skills in a secure life-like environment.



By introducing voice recognition functionality to virtual reality, you promote interaction between gameplay and players through natural conversations.
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