Voice-Recognition Technology, Tailored for Customers 

Integrate Voice recognition effortlessly
Get our modules for Unity and UE4 to build the voice-enabled applications or games easily. As well enjoy the significantly improved performance as well as fluent support of 2D/3D and hybrid games.
Bonus: a lot of multiple useful voice-driven add-ons and content features upcoming.
Build voice-driven things with Visual Prototyping
Build or prototype the voice-enabled features in the visual editor right inside Unity or Unreal Engine 4. With us, you don't need to dive deep into SDKs and coding the features.
Build conversational flows, define synonyms and contexts, specify dependencies without leaving the visual editor.
Deploy On-premises voice recognition infrastructure
On-premises voice recognition infrastructure option (GDPR compliant and secure) enables safe tools operation and protected corporate data environment with no risk of data leaks or service interruption due to third parties activity.
Get Voice UX consulting from the top-tier experts
Voice UX consulting option offers guidance as to the best ways to apply voice recognition functionality for your particular niche considering your business goals and objectives.

Tailored for developers

Easy to integrate

Use our pre-built plugins for Unity or blueprints for Unreal Engine 4 to get the voice recognition features right in your development environment in an effortless way or API for other cases.


Crucial features work offline.

It grants you an ability to develop secure and compliant applications as well as the ones purposed to function in the areas without network access


(wilderness, hazardous areas, high voltage areas etc.)


Custom embeddings

Customize the thesaurus, semantics, contexts, intents to tailor and improve the recognition's quality for your specific needs.


See how it works for Unity

Interested? Try for free!

30-day trial. No credit card required

Follow our development quickstart to start building voice-enabled game or application.

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