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Make the VR games truly immersive with voice-enabled conversations and actions

Unlike many other industries, gaming is always on the point of technological progress. Its very development is closely connected to the existing technological possibilities bringing gameplay closer to reality. VR-powered games blur the lines between our life and game world by immersing the players into this alternative reality and creating strong game dependencies.  Nevertheless, VR games are not the best companies can offer today. The motion tracking used in the majority of such games represents inconveniences for people with disabilities or injuries. Even those having an ability to move freely might not want to do so for many reasons: tiredness, limited space, and many more. Since VR is all about the sense of presence, deep immersion into a game is a must to ensure the most lively experience. However, if you need to stop to change certain game settings or check your inventory, the precious connection breaks.

By introducing voice recognition functionality to virtual reality, you promote interaction between gameplay and players through natural conversations. The adaptable system reacts to the commands of a player and creates appropriate reality corresponding to the chosen course. The very understanding that the player’s actions dictate game flow, gives users a sense of empowerment and serves as an additional bond supporting high engagement rates.


The involved NPC contribute to the two-way communication creating the catching real-life experience. Voice recognition can do more than that; by voicing your commands, you can skip long menu browsing and perform character customization instantly by saying commands. For example, you can ask for a machine gun, and you’ll immediately have one in your hands or will get the selection of machine guns rolled out before you to choose from.


Voice recognition can reinforce VR gameplay with new features and interactions while performing major gaming activities. The options are numerous as voice recognition is a universal tool suitable to any game genre and any audience.  

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