Cut Costs by using Conversational IVR 

Save up to 40% of your spendings for call center operations with AI-driven self-service



Transform the majority of routine conversations in your call center into AI-driven conversational experiences for your customers. 


Let them learn information and perform basic functions on their own, without involving the always expensive human workforce.


Customer Satisfaction

Customers often face long wait times, or their calls simply remain unanswered.


It’s time to get rid of this issue.


Guarantee a 99% response rate for your customer with up to 3 seconds of waiting


Reportedly, implementation of the Conversational IVR improve Customer Experience by up to 30%.


ROI in 3 months

Assigning human agents to answer basic requests or providing info to every customer is ineffective and expensive. Some enterprises even involve outsourced call centers to accomplish this task.


Automate all that with Conversational IVR once and forever.


Start saving 3 times more in operational costs in up to 3 months.

Automate the vast majority of call center interactions

70% of customer requests processed by human agents are simple, basic and don’t require complicated conversations. 


These could be easily automated without any damage to the customer experience.

Answer every customer's call x10 times quicker

While the average wait time for human agents could be up to 30 secs, Conversational IVR allows reducing wait time dramatically while guaranteeing a 99% response rate.

Recognize a customer's intent in under 3 secs

No need to use complicated “choose 1... 2… 3...” flows with outdated IVR. Conversational IVR simply listens to a customer’s request, recognizes it and responds accordingly. 


If the request is too complicated for AI, it is processed to human agents.

With Phonal IVR, we cut the expenses for call center operations more than double but increased our NPS by 10% at the same time.

John D. 
Head of CX
Telecom Industry


We provide you with advanced reports about each request and when it happens, including the topics, sentiment, time and dynamics.

Speech and Sentiment Recognition

Track not only what’s said, but how it’s said, by your customers.


Our AI works smoothly with your call center and BI software. 

Let your managers and supervisors use additional data and insights the AI instantly provides.

Speech Synthesis

Synthesize speeches in multiple voices. Configure them to be used for custom customer audiences right away.

AI behind

Conversational IVR’s AI  learns and self-improves after each and every conversation with customers.


It tracks the customer’s reaction, emotions, gains insights and continuously improves.

Visual Flow Editor

If you need to quickly change conversational flows for IVR, you can both simply do it yourself with a visual editor, or involve us to do it for you. 


Implement minor changes instantly with Conversational IVR


Start eliminating unnecessary costs right now!

Survive the crisis and become more sustainable in the best possible way.

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